Sweet Cakes

Classic Cakes - Classic Cakes are our simple and stylish signature cake, packed with yummy buttercream and flavour-based toppings.
Naked Cakes - Naked Cakes are our messy and decadent cakes, in crazy choc-bar-inspired flavours, with caramel drizzles and choc-chunks a-plenty.
Tea Cakes - Tea Cakes are only half the size with 2 layers of cake sponge but with the same lush choc-bar toppings.
Specialty Cakes - Specialty Cakes are perfect for occasions that are a little more special and come in a range of gorgeous Pintrest-worthy styles.
Decadent Cakes - Decadent Cakes are just how they sound. They come in a range of new decadent flavours with extra treats hidden within each layer and decorated on top.