EXTRA: Add Message on cake / cupcakes

Regular price $5.00

If you'd like a name, age or message added to your Cake or Cupcakes, on an edible banner or disc/s:

  1. Add this EXTRA product to your Cart on this page; AND
  2. State the wording required in the NOTES box on the Cart Page (the next page).

How will your message look?

  • On a cake, the message will be on a banner or disc on top or on front of the cake (depending on what works best).
  • On cupcakes, the message will be placed on or across a couple of cupcakes in the box, based on what looks best for your order.
  • If you have a special request for the colour of the banner or disc/s for your message, please include this in the "Special Instructions" box on the next page, otherwise we will choose an appropriate colour.

Note this is different to a note on a gift card (which is free to add to any order).